Workshop for Biology-inspired design in business and technology ecosystems

Sat 22 2015 @ 09:00 - 12:00
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  • Venue:   1st floor, Cape Town City Hall, Darling Street
  • Event Host:   Open Design
  • Admission:   Free - reserve your seat!
  • Contact: Michael Fox,

About the event:


A unique workshop with Riaan Conradie from HealthQ and LifeQ

This workshop looks at how design inspired by biology can be used in business and technology ecosystems. It is aimed at passionate scientists, technologists, engineers, designers, mathematicians, entrepreneurs as well as other business professionals. No science or business background is required.

The three hour workshop is broken into three sessions of 50 minutes each, with a break in between.

The three sessions cover various aspects:

1.)                    A brief overview and key attributes of several systems found in nature. These systems from nature will be used as background for the subsequent sessions.

2.)                    Applying the knowledge gained in the previous session to address several real-world business and technology issues. The second session focuses on how systems found in nature can be used to design business and technology ecosystems.

3.)                    Q&A session

Seats are limited so reserve yours NOW! 

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Location: 1st floor, Cape Town City Hall, Darling Street
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Darling Street, Cape Town