#cocreateSA in One Extreme Day

Mon 17 2015 @ 09:00 - 20:00
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  • Venue:   Watershed, Jubilee Hall 2, V&A Waterfront
  • Event Host:   Netherlands Consulate General
  • Admission:   Free
  • Contact: Kirsten Wilkins,

About the event:

Supported by #cocreateSA, brought to Open Design by the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town. One Extreme Day was introduced to Cape Town by Robert Bloom from Design Thinkers Group.

Calling on all geeks, misfits, pirates and outlaws! Join us for One Extreme Day to challenge policies and overturn assumptions. We have just one extreme day to hack a concrete, sustainable solution to a local challenge. Stretch the limits of your imagination to see and enact your preferred future. Join Dutch designers Maarten Jurriaanse, Barry de Bruin and Meike Nip from Ping-Pong Design.

9:00 – 15:00: Workshop at the Cape Town City Hall – FULLY BOOKED

18:00 – 20:00: EVERYONE WELCOME to join us for drinks and dinner at Watershed, Jubilee Hall , V&A Waterfront. Participate in the discussion while the first extreme users share their experience of the day. Network with the Dutch team from Ping Pong Design and our first local “one extreme” users.

Cash Bar with some of the greatest craft beers and delicious food provided by Craftsman & Co and Vagabond. 

About One Extreme Day

One day to create extreme value

It’s our belief that pushing our ideas to the outer limits of our imagination will immediately impact the effectiveness of our actions. We will boldly go beyond our maximum limits to create extreme value.

Co-creation with extreme users

Game changing start-ups, mind-blowing innovation and massive change can be generated in one day through co-creation with extreme users. These are the people at the fringes of the bell curve – the extreme utilizers, improvisers, innovators, non-hip drop-outs, the impaired, and the impoverished – the ones you would normally consider the ‘outsiders’.

We have one day to make ‘it’ happen

One Extreme Day will end workshops as we know them. We infuse our process with disruptive interventions that force participants to apply extreme viewpoints and radicalise their results. This won’t be one of those sessions were everyone has a good time and goes back to their daily job to do the same old thing they’ve always done. ‘One Day’ ignites transformation by forcing you to step out of your comfort zone. Problem owners collaborate with extreme users (un-fitting, non-mainstream innovators, pirates and outlaws) instead of average mainstream users to push your ideas to the other limits. At the end of the day our preferred futures will be staged and enacted.



Location: Watershed, Jubilee Hall 2, V&A Waterfront
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17 Dock Road, Cape Town