International STEAM Symposium: Empowering All Children

Mon 14 2017 @ 10:00 - 16:30
  • Venue:   Auditorium, Cape Town City Hall, cnr Darling Street and Corporation Street
  • Event Host:   Open Design
  • Admission:   Between R895 and R1,055
  • Contact: Open Design,

About the event:



We are preparing for a dynamic future! A FIRST FOR AFRICA! 

Do you believe we need more problem solvers, innovators, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers to design a better future? Not to be missed! 


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Venue: Entrance on Corporation Street

Tickets: Early bird: R895 ENDS 27 JULY 

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Full Price: R1 055

More about STEAM:

A well-timed collaboration between Finland (100 years old 2017) and South Africa. With an uncertain global economic climate, a focus on innovation can ensure a prosperous future. Traditionally, innovation remains tightly coupled with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – also referred to as the STEM subjects. However, Art + Design are poised to transform economies and push innovation in the 21st century. STEAM will empower all children with vital 21st century skills of which creativity and a multifaceted set of skills are going to be crucial to be successful in a fast changing world especially as we are fast approaching the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Creative skills have finally been recognized as the core ingredient to add significance and meaning to a business, product, system, environment and even in service. Now integration between different fields of studies and cooperative learning have become vital to drive a shift in education from STEM to STEAM.

STEAM is a global movement, championed by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and widely adopted by institutions, corporations and individuals from around the world, to add Art + Design to the STEAM equation —transforming STEM to STEAM and bringing a focus to the development of innovative entrepreneurs.

The objectives of the STEAM movement are to:

  • transform research policy to place Art + Design at the center of STEM
  • encourage integration of Art + Design in education across all learning areas
  • influence employers to integrate design thinking as part of their DNA and to hire artists and designers to be at the forefront of driving innovation

What to expect on the day

Although the STEAM Symposium will have an education focus education is the foundation of a much bigger ecosystem that will drive socio-economic development and prosperity of a more inclusive world. STEAM will develop key qualities in all people so that they can add value no matter their career choice. Leaders in sectors like engineering, business, technology and service industries that have already adopted and recognised creativity as the core that adds significance and meaning to their business will be invited to share their stories of success and motivation behind this new strategy.

This will not only emphasise and support the education agenda of STEAM with great credibility but will also elevate the participating organisations as companies that really cares about education and the development of a future generation that’s better equipped with skills that will empower them to tackle the challenges of the future with confidence.



Location: Auditorium, Cape Town City Hall, cnr Darling Street and Corporation Street
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Corner of Darling and Corporation Street , Cape Town