Knobs & Tassels Underground artists ft Black Moon

Mon 10 2015 - Mon 31 2015 @ 10:00 - 00:00
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  • Venue:   Knobs & Tassels KnexT Art Gallery
  • Event Host:   Knobs & Tassels
  • Admission:   Free
  • Contact: Knobs & Tassels,

About the event:

Knobs & Tassels Invest in Individuals.

Visit the current Knobs & Tassels exhibition, BLACK MOON featuring the photography of Cathrin Shulz and the design work of VRVRO Adornments’ York Vrvo.

K&T is the creative outlet for many underground artists. Like its predecessor next to the Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, the new gallery will showcase the work of select passionate and talented artists, bringing local individuals into the public eye.

K&T is FOR THE ARTIST, representing a large network of diverse artists, selling their work and promoting their skills both in our galleries and by generating opportunities for them. K&T is FOR THE CUSTOMER, providing premium quality works of art and a pleasurable shopping experience for adventurous tourists and locals alike.

Visit the strangely wonderful galleries for a truly unique adventure or shopping experience including everything from furniture to comic books, vintage clothing and art, jewellery, industrial design and various other Knobs & Tassels.

Join the K&T Facebook page to keep up-to-date with events, exhibitions, Art Fairs, pop-up shops and other ventures we undertake to uplift artists themselves and to uplift the community, supporting local businesses and the creative arts industry of Africa.

You can create the world you want by choosing where you spend your money. Spend consciously. Purchase premium quality creations by passionate, talented local artists!

Location: Knobs & Tassels KnexT Art Gallery
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115 Harrington Street, Cape Town, Western Province, 8001, Gardens