Laughter Yoga with Teru

Sun 16 2015 @ 10:00 - 11:30
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  • Venue:   Darling Street, Cape Town City Hall, 2nd Floor
  • Event Host:   Teru Adamson
  • Admission:   R50
  • Contact: Teru Adamson,

About the event:

Simple laughter exercise therapy for all ages.

For a happier healthier YOU

Laughter Yoga is a way of learning to laugh for no reason to achieve some of the benefits of sustained and hearty laughter. It involves simple laughter exercise for people of all ages and ability levels.

Laughter benefits

The body, mind and spirit / Boosts the immune system / Triggers the release of happy endorphins / It eases anxiety and fear / Helps to defuse conflict / Helps Oxygen to flow to the brain / Increases memory / Can assist in lowering blood pressure / Protects the heart / Improves sleep / Assists in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels / Lowers stress hormones / Enhances your muscles / Enhances resilience / Ads Joy to your life / Improves your mood / Strengthens relationships / Enhances teamwork / Gives you more energy / A workout for your abs, shoulders and diaphragm / Makes your more creative / Improves alertness / It is contagious


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Location: Darling Street, Cape Town City Hall, 2nd Floor
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Darling Street, Cape Town