TALK100 Session 7

Sat 22 2015 @ 13:00 - 14:30
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  • Venue:   Watershed, Jubilee Hall 1, V&A Waterfront
  • Event Host:   Open Design
  • Admission:   R50
  • Contact: Open Design,

About the event:

About TALK100  

A series of lunchtime talks open to everyone interested in bringing positive change to their communities, cities and working environments. A panel of industry professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs share insights and experiences with a diverse audience of the public and the design industry. An open informal discussion gives the audience a chance to participate.

Get comfortable, share ideas and network.

TALK100 session 7


Over the next 35 years, Africa has the potential to grow its $1.3 trillion wealth ten-fold. This presents significant opportunity for innovation, but the risks are high. Market research, trend reports and insights are published in the media every day. We ask: how can local innovators make the best use of this information to develop new goods, services and experiences for and with the growing African middle class?

One approach is to apply a Front-End Innovation (FEI) methodology as part of a controlled and managed journey that identifies relevant opportunities that meets unmet needs, have a solid, trend-driven business case and capitalises on the available opportunity while bearing in mind the threats and implications present.

How can Front-End Innovation methodologies help African innovators identify relevant, trend-driven opportunities to meet the needs of the growing African middle class? Front End Innovation expert Klaus Schnurr responds and shares how innovation management software can be used to analyse trends, track opportunities and map scenarios to maximise innovation.

In this talk, leading FEI expert Klaus Schnurr reveals how innovation experts apply a trend and turn it into something profitable. He draws on global innovation case studies for companies such as Porsche, Siemens and British American Tobacco (BAT). As founder of innovation company Lacuna, he will also share Lacuna’s leading innovation management software,, which innovators use to produce specialised, market focused trend reports, track opportunity spaces and map scenarios to manage the FEI process.

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Location: Watershed, Jubilee Hall 1, V&A Waterfront
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