3 Business Trends That Will Thrive Amidst COVID-19 In India

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The global pandemic, COVID-19, has set various trends for companies all over the globe, one of which is introducing work from home policy. The corporate world is currently experiencing a digital metamorphosis of the workplace and the pandemic has proved, from the way we are working to collaborating with employees, that the workplace has acutely changed and is evolving every day. This sudden transformation has even given rise to workplace wellness as companies and owners of commercial spaces are now aware of the role of the office environment in attracting tenants and talent. Needless to say, businesses are also going all-digital to sustain this difficult time. As the lines between work and life continue to blur, offices are no longer the last option for employers. Of late, they have realized the benefits of working remotely and technology has favoured them to a great extent.

In this blog, we will talk about the three business trends that will thrive amidst this COVID-19 crisis. Take a look!

Choice of Locations

It’s no news that WFH is the new normal. With a good number of employers reconsidering this trend, it is predicted that remote working can be continued in the coming years. A small virus has increased the adoption, investment, and proliferation of remote work and virtual learning while transforming the workplace and business culture in several ways.

The majority of Indian businesses are performing from home since the lockdown began and most of them have said employees can do so permanently. If HR professionals are considered, they believe remote work will still grow amid this pandemic subsides.

Massive global corporations all around Indian are either going completely or partially remote. According to a recent survey, 75 percent of respondents decide to increase the amount of permanent remote employees.

Adoption of Human Resources Solutions

With the emergence of remote working, employers faced a host of challenges in the starting point. HR professionals, in particular, found it difficult to carry out their routine duties. Talking about employees, they also dealt with various problems that in turn affected their mental wellbeing and efficiency levels. However, the good news is that companies in India have slowly but steadily shifted to automated technological advancements such as HRMS, HRIS software, and much more. Out of all, HRMS has taken over the business world like never before. Such systems were implemented by a lot of companies in the last nine months, regardless of size and complexity.

Here are some benefits a company can acquire by implementing one of the top-notch HRMS software India has:

  • Saves time for HR managers
  • Improves Employee Management
  • Simplifies HR operations
  • Provides 100{5d0f5df3ef41da75e54ec238d7521eeb3e0706cfa01650c643d94f2c6bbdd69f} accuracy
  • Offers Data Storage & Security
  • Improves Regulatory Compliance
  • And much more…

The best HRMS software in India also provides mobile access to make things easier and fast for companies while working from home. From payroll management to recruitment, such systems take care of every tedious task with a bare minimum of human involvement. Considering all this, it is certain that more and more organizations are going to adopt such systems in our country.

Harnessing improved talent pools

Candidate engagement has taken a serious turn in these COVID times. During this uncertain time of layoffs, a large number of working individuals have lost their jobs on one hand and many organizations have been hiring a lot of talent. Truth be told, it is nothing less than an opportunity for a lot of companies to hire the best of the talent with experience as well as qualifications. Recruiters in India also say that more offshoring due to less travel in the coming months will give a considerable boost to hiring.

That is it!


These are the top three trends every company in India should know about.


Besides, it is the duty of employers to recognize the need to create a rich, diverse, and dynamic workplace for their employees. And investing in one of the best HRMS software India has, is surely the first step towards it. The right system will, undoubtedly, inspire your entire workforce to enjoy life and perform their best even during this COVID time.

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