4 Ways Your Android Phone Can be Hacked

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You might have seen more cases of the phone getting hacked nowadays and just beside you might have seen the same thing happening with your friend too. And if you think that nothing would happen to you, then you would be utterly wrong.

It does not matter whether you are a famous personality or not, hackers would still be interested in hacking your personal information. Because there is still money that the hackers would be able to make by using and selling your information. Thus, knowing how to remove a hacker from my android phone is vital. And here are ways your android phone could be hacked and used against you.

Wiretapping and Tracking through SS7:

This is an almost 5-year old protocol that connects almost all of the services like roaming and call forwarding. The security of this system is a bit rusty. The trackers would be able to hack and track your location of any mobile handset around the globe and would be able to intercept any call or text that would be coming to your phone. You could avoid it by using apps that would provide end-to-end encryption to protect your information.

Infecting Device with Malware:

The apps that you use have access to all kinds of information on your phone. This would include your browsing history, your contact information, your texts and all pictures and personal data. And even though you might have stored them in an encrypted format, keylogger spyware would be able to intercept what you are typing even before it gets time to be encrypted.

Using Phishing:

You would sometime see people using buying memorabilia which does not come from a known website. Also, sometimes you would see people complaining about losing their money on buying cute puppies which never got delivered to them. With phishing, they would be able to extract the credentials which are sophisticated and tailored.

Intercepting Communication over Free WI-FI:

When someone is operating a website, they would also be able to see the encrypted traffic going on it. This is accurate for WI-FI as well. And establishing a WI-FI beside a café or a hotel with their name would be a great way to lure customers and people into using the hotspot and stealing their personal information.

Thus, these are some of the ways by which information would be hacked by hackers and scammers and they would be able to use it against you.

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