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Obinna Osigwe | December 31, 2022 | 0 | Technology

Music has always had a very special place in our hearts since the early days. Beginning from classical music, we have come a long way. Many of us love music because it makes us feel a certain way that nothing else can make us feel. Not only does music help you relax, but music also heals and speaks to you in volumes that no other media can. It speaks to us when words fail, and it makes us feel different types of emotions and lifts our mood in just a few seconds.

This universal gift has connected people all around the world. Music is a universal language and helps us understand the feelings of people even when words fail. Science has also proven that playing music to the ill and also plants can help them heal and grow faster and healthier. The effects of music are extravagant, and music can do wonders.

Amidst all of these advantages music seems to offer us, we love music and how it makes us feel. With the development of technology, music is constantly by our side on our smart devices and the numerous music players we have. And if you need one of the most tech savvy apps out there to play all of your favourites, Lyrics Mania – Music player is the best you can get your hands on your Android TV. The app not only provides you with music, but also millions of lyrics so that you can sing along and enjoy the song whenever you want!

About Lyrics Mania App

The lyrics can be found to any song you need from the largest lyrics database in the world. You can also obtain real-time lyrics to your favourite songs when playing from wherever you are. If you are listening to your songs from an external player such as Spotify, Google Play Music, or any other external source, you can also get the lyrics to them in real-time!

The app also comes with a special and powerful feature called MusicID that helps you to identify the lyrics of a song that is playing around you in just a few seconds! Scan and find the song as you go. With all of these exclusive features offered to you, Lyrics Mania – Music player is absolutely the best music app that you can get your hands on. If you enjoy singing along to your music when you’re by yourself, with friends, family, loved ones, or even with a crowd, having the app by your side is mandatory.

With Lyrics Mania – Music player app installed on your smart device; you can now sing along to all your favourites on the go! Never miss out on the fun you can have and enjoy your music to the fullest. The app will provide you with lyrics to just any song in real-time so that karaoke won’t be a problem now! You can even have your own car pool karaoke with your friends and loved ones and have the best time you’d ever have!

Install Lyrics Mania on Android TV

This is one of the karaoke apps that work smoothly on any Android TV and Fire TV. You can use Applinked or FileSynced app store to install this app. App installers like Applinked, Filesynced and Unlinked work differently compared to ordinary app stores like Aptoide TV and ApkTime. You can create your store using Applinked. That make it easier to install any app you want on your TV box and friends TV easily.

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