The Best Way to Convert an FLV file to an MP4 File

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If you work with video files and need to convert an FLV file to an MP4, normally you must find a program that will do that and then buy it.

FLV and MP4

FLV is an animated flash video file and MP4 is an MPEG-4 video stream file. So, a program to convert one to the other first must be found. Then before you download it, you need to pay whatever the program cost. Then after downloading it, you need to learn how to use it. All of this takes time.

New converter

But what if you could find a file converter that was free and you didn’t have to download it you could use it online. And this program will do almost anything you need it to do. It is a program that is a file converter for FLV to MP4. This is the answer for you and it is quick and easy to use – and best of all it is free!


This file converter use is free – keyword is free and it doesn’t need to be downloaded. You can convert files from one type of format to another type of format easily as well as fast. It supports both audio and video files and supports a lot of separate source formats. is an online media conversion program on the internet allowing anyone to change any video link or audio link or file to a variety of formats without the problems that a new conversion software program might have.


It also has a wonderful blog that has articles explaining how to take care of and convert all the various types of video and audio files. It actually is a blog that is an instruction manual that gives you tips on converting all the various formats. If you want to add to, amend or update any information or if you need any help, you can do this by contacting

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