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What is gamification in marketing?

In the past, marketing was a lot more personal and involved speaking directly to customers in hopes of presenting one’s product and convincing them to buy. However, thanks to new technology, it’s now possible to engage customers without having to actually meet them.

In its current form, Marketing is a monstrous vehicle with several extremely powerful weapons at its disposal, including Email and Social Media Marketing, PPC advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and other strategies. But has it reached its limits yet? Surely not. And that’s where Gamification comes into play.

It’s important to stay aware of new trends and techniques that are constantly emerging in the world of marketing. Gamification in marketing is one of the newest process available to help you increase sales and grow your business. The premise behind gamification is simple: leveraging people’s competitive nature to boost engagement with a product or service.

Are there any benefits to gamification?

1)     Increased motivation

Gamification is a new way for companies to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. When employees are motivated to achieve goals, they perform better and are more satisfied with their jobs.

2)    Strengthening of communication processes

When a company implements gamified training techniques in the workplace, employees are more engaged and motivated. Communication between departments becomes more fluid, and the company sees a decrease in turnover.

3)    Improving productivity

The use of game dynamics to increase employee skills results in an increase in productivity by creating a relaxed and collaborative work environment.

4)    Encouraging employee involvement

Gamification techniques have been shown to increase employee commitment and engagement. By applying these techniques, employees acquire a greater sense of identification with the organization’s goals. Game-based learning is more likely to create a stronger identification with the organization’s goal.

What are the different principles of gamification in marketing?

1)   Encouraging competition as much as possible

The gamification of brand loyalty is a powerful marketing strategy that can help you build customer interaction and create a competitive environment. You can entice people by offering valuable points, badges, trophies, and exciting prizes. Adding leaderboards into the mix will help you achieve success!

2)   Storytelling

Stories have a way of drawing people in and making them feel alive. A story can keep your customers engaged and wanting to come back for more. Make the stories you tell connect to the players, and inform them how completing a specific action will benefit the story. Keep it interactive to boost player engagement.

3)   Make it simple and fun

Incorporate gamification elements into your loyalty program to make the process fun and engaging for customers. If you’re trying to implement a loyalty program for a big coffee brand, for example, with free coffee voucher incentives, make sure the program is easy to understand and also a fun and engaging experience for the customer. Your goal is to reward your loyal customers and make them feel appreciated, not give them a headache in the process.

4)   Understanding your audience it’s very important!

When developing a gamified marketing plan, the first thing you should consider is your target audience’s needs and behavioral patterns what kinds of games do they prefer? What else do they like? Once you know what makes them tick, you can create appealing games that they would genuinely enjoy and be interested in.

Best gamification platform

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