Have A Look At Environment Setup For API Testing

Obinna Osigwe | August 2, 2022 | 0 | Technology

A type of computer interface known as an API (Application Programming Interface) enables data exchange and communication between two various software systems. A software system that uses an API contains several operations and subroutines that can be used by other software systems. The API between two software systems specifies the types of requests that may be made, how requests may be made, acceptable data formats, etc.

What Is Testing An API?

Software testing of the type known as API Testing verifies Application Programming Interfaces. The goal of API testing is to examine the programming interfaces’ usability, dependability, performance, and security. In API testing, users utilise software to make calls to the API, retrieve output, and record the system’s response rather than the usual user inputs and outputs. API tests are considerably different from GUI tests in that they don’t focus on how an application looks and feels. The business logic layer of the software architecture is the focus.

Environment Setup For API Testing:

  • In contrast to other methods of software testing, API Tester requires the user to set up an initial environment before invoking the API with the necessary set of parameters and then reviewing the test result.
  • The database and server should be set up by the needs of the application.
  • The API Function should be called after the installation is complete to verify that the API is operational.

The Basis Of API Testing Test Cases:

Given that input can be described and results can be verified, return values depending on input conditions are generally simple to test.

  • Does not produce a return:

When there is no return value, the system’s API behavior needs to be examined.

  • Trigger another API, an event, or an interrupt:

If an API’s output causes an event or an interrupt, those events and interrupt listeners need to be monitored.

  • Update data structure:

Any outcome or impact on the system from updating the data structure needs to be verified.

  • Modify specific resources:

If an API call modifies specific resources, the modification should be verified by gaining access to the relevant resources.

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