Accessing Hulu Italia – Breaking Past the Geographical Restrictions 

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All lovers of streaming films and TV shows must be familiar with the brand name ‘Hulu.’ In the past decade, Hulu has emerged as one of the most widely-used streaming platforms in the world (North America in particular). However, unlike competitors such as Prime Video, Netflix, etc., Hulu doesn’t allow access to users from across the world. Only American and Japanese users can access the Hulu platform. That’s a shame because famous movie houses like 20th Century Studios, Universal, Lionsgate Entertainment, etc., are partnered with Hulu. The streaming platform is considered a “goldmine of content” by many. How can foreign fans from countries like Italy access Hulu? Here’s a simple solution.

Understanding the Restrictions

Before sharing the solution, let’s try to understand why platforms like Hulu (and several other streaming and broadcasting platforms) block legitimate users from accessing their content. Hulu only allows users with the right IP addresses to access its content. Even if you’re a paid subscriber, if Hulu detects your IP address and realizes that you’re not in America or Japan, you’ll be blocked. Geo-restrictions are discriminatory. Plus, no website admin should technically be able to receive your personal data (IP address). Thankfully, savvy Internet users have found an easy way to defeat these geo-limitations, stream high-quality content from Hulu, and protect their privacy on the Internet. The tool they used to do these things is called ‘Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

VPNs and Hulu Streaming – What’s the Link?

The process of using VPNs to access Hulu Italia is very simple. Users download their VPN software (both paid and free versions available). They access the Internet via their VPN. The VPN encrypts all user data like IP address, location, etc. No site admin or technician (including the ones who work for Hulu) can truly know your physical location. Change your IP address to America/Japan before visiting Hulu. On the VPN, you can operate as an anonymous citizen and access any content from any location.

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