Best High CPC Ad Networks for Publishers

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Recently, pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPC) ad networks have become more and more popular, particularly among publishers who have a lot of internet traffic and wish to maximize their ad earnings.

Because they let advertisers set a fixed budget for their campaigns and make changes as needed along the way, CPC ad networks are especially alluring to advertisers.

A further well-known feature of CPC campaigns is their ability to yield results quickly for all parties involved.

This page explores the different CPC ad platforms that are available and looks at the ins and outs of CPC/PPC ads to assist publishers select the best PPC ad network for their needs.

Considering this, the following is a list of Best High CPC Ad Networks for Publishers. That said, if you’re looking for the Best High CPM Ad Network for Publishers or even if the best AdSense Niches for Publishers spike your interest, then worry not as we’ve got you covered on them both! However, for now, let’s get started on our take on the Best High CPC Ad Networks for Publishers.

Top Publisher CPC Ad Networks of 2024

No two advertising networks are the same, thus before choosing where to spend their advertising dollars, publishers need carefully consider a variety of factors.

To take into account are the following:

  1. Members of the advertising network
  2. Ad network serving volume
  3. both creative and sensible selections
  4. advertising budget

Among the best CPC advertising networks in 2024 are these ones.


1. AdCash

Renowned advertising network AdCash targets customers according to their interests. It has over 10,000 active campaigns and everyday advertisements reach 200 million unique people.

Because of internal technology, publishers can filter invalid traffic and predict inventory performance of various ad formats, including pop-ups, interstitials, and native ads.

They offer publishers fast coverage, high fill rate, and anti-ad-block technologies.

Publishers may register, create their ad tags, and start distributing advertising very immediately thanks to the ad exchange’s user-friendly interface.

Payment options for publishers include bank transfers, PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, and Web Money, all of which have a $25 minimum payout threshold.

A screenshot showing a suggested publisher. The evaluation states a “62% Uplift in Ad Revenue”. I have no problem whatsoever recommending Publift. We saw a 62% daily average boost in ad RPM after leaving our previous advertising vendor. When we integrated their upgrades with ours, the implementation team made sure the transition went smoothly and was quick to respond to our requests and modifications. – Australian William Cameron.


2. Bidvertiser

Small to medium publisher websites will find Bidvertiser to be perfect since it doesn’t need a certain volume of traffic and has an easy sign-up process. Still, there are prerequisites to become a member, such as not working with websites that offer adult content or illegal products. Moreover, the website of a publisher shouldn’t be under development or have too much advertising on it right away.

Offering advertisers options for traffic segmentation and targeting that simplify the process of optimizing their advertising based on publishing niches gives them enormous joy.

There are no language or minimum traffic requirements; the registration procedure is quick and easy.

Installation of advertising is as simple as adding a little HTML code to the publisher’s website; changing the way advertising looks is also rather simple.

While some other networks charge less per click, Bidvertiser pays for both clicks and conversions.

Certain drawbacks of this platform include limited targeting options, particularly if the website is situated in a limited content area, and less thorough reporting and metrics than other premium ad networks.

3. The ClickAdilla

Publishers using ClickAdilla’s self-serve ad network can handle native, web-push, PopUnder, banner, and pre-roll ads among other ad formats. With the ClickAdilla SSP, publishers have a choice of demand partners and real-time bidding alternatives through several service providers.

ClickAdilla offers flexible payment options including ePayment, PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, and Web Money.

4. LinkedIn Audience Network  

First developed to provide Facebook users with ads, Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is the top ad network for social media platforms.

FAN allows page owners to create text ads, mobile ads, and Facebook advertisement offers among other ad formats.

Particularly for mobile marketing, Facebook ads are a particularly popular option for SMEs, with 1.62 billion users per day.

Publishers can design Facebook’s CPC model in several ways, but cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is the most often used one.

Banner Struggling to choose the right network? Just think about Publift. Book a demo.

5. Google AdSense  

Though competition is increasing, Google AdSense still leads the ad network pack in terms of digital ad spend. Possibly the simplest and most successful PPC ad network in the digital ecosystem. Actually, Google controls an amazing 78% of the global PPC ad market. Google advertisements allows you to show pertinent, high-quality advertisements with a high click-through rate and provides you access to literally millions of advertisers through the Google Display Network.

By use of demographic targeting, Google Ads enables publishers to choose the types of advertisements that appear on their websites according to the interests of the page visitors. Advertisers taking part in real-time bidding auctions then place the highest-paying, most relevant advertisement in the available ad space.

Certainly one of the best PPC ad networks available is Google Ads, but not everyone can join up.

Publishers have to be accepted, which means following a series of guidelines, before they can join the network. Among these are the kind of content, the placement and quality of the advertisements, and the way the website gets views and clicks.

Many former Google AdSense customers have complained about unfair suspensions resulting from what Google saw to be click fraud. Regretfully, once this happens, there isn’t much of a choice. Publishers can therefore benefit from using other ad networks even if Google Ads is without a doubt one of the best ad networks for PPC campaigns.

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