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Technology’s progress and audiences’ enduring fascination with cinematography have created intense rivalry in the film industry to produce the greatest blockbusters. Fans sometimes recite the well-known lines from the blockbuster successes and adopt the demeanour of their favourite characters from the film.

Filmmakers are under pressure to provide a product that accurately reflects the preferences of viewers, especially considering the size of the business. What could be better than creating a model that predicts which category of films succeeds the most and continues to be the most talked-about? One such model would be one that takes into account all of the important factors, such as IMDb rating, movies nominated for awards, box office revenue, number of reviews from viewers and critics, etc.

Introduction to Bollywood:

The Indian film industry, which generated $2.5 billion in revenue in the 2019 fiscal year, was among the global leaders in the production of motion pictures. In addition to being a billion-dollar industry, the platform is well-known for its narrative efforts. People are drawn to the films because they can identify to the characters on an emotional level and can reflect back on and relate to their experiences.

Data Science in Film: A Bollywood Premiere

Every field of endeavour uses data science course. Data science is used by a variety of industries, including banking, education, healthcare, and finance. The film business and Bollywood is another one that depends a lot on this technology.

Data science in the film industry is highly beneficial and useful to increase the success of the film industry. People watch films to hear stories, and producers may give content according to the needs of the viewership.

A Bollywood Case Study:

Bollywood films are renowned for their extravagant makeup and attire, particularly on women, and are characterised as lively and captivating. With over a thousand films produced annually, it’s a multi-million dollar business.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana’s director, Ratnaa Sinha, said that this was the first time analytics were utilised to draw viewers for a Bollywood film.

After identifying the main actor Rajkummar Rao’s past tastes in movies, music, cuisine, and literature, ‘Infinite Analytics’ made recommendations for this film based on those selections. The outcome was unexpected. Five days after it was released, the movie’s trailer had a million views.

How can data science assist the film industry?

To make better films, filmmakers need to understand the market, just like any other company or industry. Prior to Data Science, just 36% of the films made a profit. There were a few issues that required the audience base’s understanding in order to resolve.

The fields now have more opportunities thanks to data science to comprehend their target audience and market trends.

Let’s now discuss a few ways that data science may benefit the film industry.

1. Preventing Movie Failures:

Producing, marketing, and directing teams can identify issues and provide better outcomes by analysing hundreds of thousands of films across the course of ten years. Moreover, according on the user’s activity and current social media trends. Data scientists are able to predict whether or not a movie will be successful.

Based on user reviews and other unstructured data sources, such as Twitter, data scientists may help production firms create films that are more appealing to the general audience or that are better films altogether. In this sense, data science assists the film industry in minimising losses and producing universally acclaimed motion pictures.

2. Data Sciencee in Film Development:

Film producers, writers, and directors may use data analytics to examine if a movie’s storyline is repeating itself and how relevant it is. Moreover, it may aid in eliminating superfluous elements from movie screenplays and provide space for improved concepts.

Data scientists may give superior films to consumers depending on social media presence, much as in the prior example. The clicks of audiences, engagements, histories, etc. are used to do this.

Moreover, natural language processing and text analytics enable the studios to have higher-quality output throughout the development phase. Text analytics and semantic comprehension allow data scientists to examine movie screenplays and character interactions.

3. Data science to Increase Revenue

Data scientists are able to find the appropriate timing for the film’s release as well as the market. They may use natural language processing (NLP) to examine social media postings and identify the best times for the movie’s release.

Furthermore, depending on a movie’s genre, data scientists may determine when is the optimal time of year to distribute it. At the cinema, data science is crucial to revenue generation. For instance, summer is when most superhero films are released, while children’s holidays are when most animation films are released.

Data scientists are also in charge of supporting the film’s marketing crew. Data scientists are able to make critical judgements that will assist the marketing team in making decisions by using historical sales and account information.

This also includes the movie trailer’s composition and release date.

4. Data Science to Enhance Post-Production:

Data science is having an impact on posters, promotions, and trailers. Producers and directors may enhance film editing, optimise finances, and extract valuable insights from data by using data science in their work.

Movie makers are able to create more captivating trailers by using sentiment analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics, which will ultimately result in a larger audience.

The first audience will be satisfied by effective trailers, promotions, and eye-catching posters, which will gradually draw in additional viewers and raise the movie’s total success rate.

As was previously said, one of the most important ways to promote a movie is via marketing. It is one of the several subfields within post-production. Directors may even make the required alterations to the film based on the broad consensus expressed by viewers via trailers.

5. Data Science for Real-Time Streaming:

Data science is heavily used by movie streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Renowned filmmaker praised internet streaming as the way of the future. By using data science technology for a thorough examination, streaming firms may enhance their material according to the preferences of their audience.

To improve streaming experiences, businesses may also monitor their consumers’ preferences and geographic regions. Comprehending the psychology of users is among the most crucial duties of a data scientist.

Another well-liked data science application that gives people customised preferences is the recommendation system. These suggestions are determined by the user’s past activity, location, time of day, and preferred genres.

If you are looking to pursue a career in Bollywood you should enroll in Data Science course in Mumbai. Having a data science certification will amplify your chances of being selected as a preferred candidate for the job in Bollywood.

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