Don’t Make These Common Receipt Mistakes!

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If you have to create receipts, we know it might seem overwhelming. But, with due practice and patience, you will ace it. You can create receipts (สร้าง ใบเสร็จ รับ เงิน, which is the term in Thai) online from your mobile or computer.

Surprisingly, so many people make silly mistakes when creating receipts; read below and know how you can avoid these!

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

·        Making Receipts:

It is unbelievable to know that people forget to create receipts. Small business owners usually have a lot of things to do on their own, and they frequently forget to make receipts. Carefully check whether or not you have made receipts and send them.

·        Sending Wrong Invoices:

Now, this is a blunder. People who buy from you will think how unprofessional and careless behaviour it is! These small details matter a lot; therefore, always ensure you send accurate receipts to the right person. Nobody likes the hassle of receiving receipts again and again. Like everyone else, we need our money sorted.

·        Mention The Due Date:

Many people think it is unnecessary to mention it. The buyer needs to know when the receipt is due. Not mentioning the due date and then not receiving payments on time go hand in hand. Like you, the receivers have plenty of things to do, and they might forget to pay you or lose track of the due date.

·        Not Creating Proper Receipts:

A proper receipt has the products listed separately with their quantity and price. This makes it very easy to check, record or read the receipts. You can make excel receipts (ใบเสร็จ รับ เงิน excel, term in Thai) using premade templates; it is easy and quick!

·       Calculation Mistakes:

These happen more often than you’d think. Calculations are an essential part of receipts. Using an automated tool can help you make perfect receipts. You can enter all the details and get an automated receipt.

This is very helpful when you have to make several receipts, including many calculations. These tools are not very expensive; buying such a tool is an investment for your business. Automation helps in saving a lot of time.


Creating receipts is an integral part of any business. Business owners and freelancers spend much of their time creating and sending receipts. You can also use an automation service to make the process easy and efficient.

These common mistakes hurt your brand awareness. Paying a little attention to these small silly mistakes can save tons of time and effort.

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