How Automated Personalization Works

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If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re probably familiar with this concept: you’ve added few things to your cart but you’ve never completed the purchase, in the meantime you keep scrolling down the item list to see what the online store has to offer, and you engage with more items than others, because, well, you’re not down to buying anything – there are certain things you’re interested in and you have your own personal taste. But suddenly, even if you’re not actively browsing online stores’ websites, those items you were looking for or even similar ones keep popping everywhere you go on the World Wide Web – and they’re usually spot on. This is when you know you’ve been targeted – and as of 2020, it is impossible not to be.

The first paragraph summarizes something we all experience as internet users, and we can’t even oppose – because we love personalized content. The mechanism which allows personalized content to be sent our way is called automated personalization. Automated personalization is an approach which utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to learn user behavior through the acquisition of user activity data. When user behavior patterns are learned, the algorithm combines customized offers, messages, website layout and customized design, so that they’re a perfect match for each user.

The main goal of automated personalization is to increase engagement of users and extend their visiting time on the business’s website. The principle is simple – if you know what they like, it is easier for you to push their buttons in order to upsell and improve business revenue. This may have a bit of a negative connotation, but in practice, this is really not the case – 44 percent of consumers have reported that they are willing to switch to competing brands if they were served with better personalized content and offers. In addition, over 50 percent testified they are willing to abandon their current brand of choice if a competing one served a more personalized experience. Last but not least, over 63 percent of consumers expect personalized offers, messages and content in general as a standard, and believe they’re treated with greater attention when being sent special offers.

But how do you even get to the point of having automated personalization implemented in your own business? To many, just hearing terms like “automated” and “machine learning” is terrifying on its own. Luckily, the demand for automated personalization is so high, that easier and better solutions are in store for all business owners. Such a solution, which easily stands out of competition is called Twik, an automation & personalization engine. It excels at making sense of user data, and utilizes the most recent algorithms on the market to serve perfectly tailored content to make your website the perfect space for each one of your visitors. The tool is self-managed and fully automated, but manual changed can be done to the system to meet your expectations and preferences.

Finally, it is worth remembering that automated personalization has become a standard for client facing businesses – which is why it’s time for you to consider it seriously.

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