Comparing Chat Applications Encryption and Safe Usage

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21st century has made so much change to the point technology nowadays is being praised for its growing progress day by day. This includes the progress incommunication where the need to speak with each other face to face has become instant to the point that you can make phone calls or text messages to the person you want to communicate with.

Many mobile applications were created to cater to the different needs of people, whether it is for personal use or business. Mobile applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and Signal are the current communication apps that offer features like voice calls, video messaging, and chats. However, each update has limitations regarding privacy and usage; in this article, a comparison in chat application encryption will be discussed.

How private and transparent is your mobile chat application?

You may wonder if your privacy is safe when it comes to any communication app you will use. End-to-end encryption is considered the best standard regarding data privacy. This is the process of encrypting a message at the time of transmission and decrypting it on the receiver’s device.

Every communication platform has its limit. However, many companies still use these applications to connect with their clients. For example, WhatsApp is popular among its uses for its efficiency. Aside from features like calls and chats, it can monitor your mobile phone usage as it has WhatsApp recording.

Nowadays, there is a relevant issue circulating in this kind of feature as more companies use encrypted apps to interact. The need to capture and record calls through WhatsApp call monitoring has become an issue as more people use it, resulting in more conversation among people and can encrypt more information.

This only means if this one application can do that, how much more for the other app, right?

To know more about other chat applications that use encryption for privacy matters and other functions, you can read furtherly on this infographic by TeleMessage.


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