4 Maintenance Tips For Your CCTV Surveillance Camera In Singapore

Obinna Osigwe | October 18, 2022 | 0 | Technology

Numerous commercial, corporate, industrial, and residential property owners rely on the capabilities of CCTV surveillance systems in Singapore to keep their premises and properties safe from harm. These devices also help them ensure customer or family safety. But the performance and longevity of surveillance cameras depend on your usage and the maintenance guidelines you follow.

Like all gadgets and equipment, surveillance systems require their owners to look after them. If you fulfil their maintenance needs, you can guarantee they can keep you and your loved ones, colleagues, or customers safe for longer. To help you look after your CCTV system in Singapore, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Remove Camera Obstructions

CCTV camera obstructions in your Singapore facility can keep you from seeing the happenings in and around your premises. Leaves, branches, cobwebs, and gunk can also leave a permanent scratch on its lens, preventing it from having a clear view of your facility.

  1. Wipe Camera Lenses

CCTV camera lenses can gather dust and dirt over time. They may appear blob-like on your surveillance monitor and could give you false images. To keep them from affecting your monitoring duties, frequently wipe your camera lenses.

  1. Check Camera Cables

CCTV installation in Singapore involves wires connecting the camera to your monitor. These cables are prone to breaking and fraying and can interfere with the power and feed of your cameras. As a CCTV owner, you should conduct frequent inspections to ensure their wires are in the best shape possible.

  1. Inspect The Camera Monitor

Your chosen CCTV surveillance company will equip you with computer monitors to help you see what your cameras are recording. But like other devices, they can face issues and malfunctions now and then. While doing routine camera inspections, include your monitors with your check to ensure they function correctly.

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