5 Benefits of Using a Time & Attendance Management System

Obinna Osigwe | January 18, 2023 | 0 | Technology

Employee time and attendance tracking are some of the most effective tools in our toolkit for increasing productivity and efficiency. Manual timekeeping methods are prone to laborious timesheet review and payroll problems. Hence, we no longer put it in use. Modern businesses should use these developments in timekeeping technology to keep track of their workers’ working hours. The following are five benefits we received after we began using a time and attendance system in our office in Singapore.

#1 Reliable Accuracy

Advanced automated time and attendance management systems helped reduce the danger of human error. Besides, human error is one of the most significant contributors to financial losses. These technologies, like a biometric door access system that logs our attendance, also helped us manage complicated scheduling. It provided our firm with competent coverage while meeting shift changes, labour law limits, employee preferences, and other factors.

#2 Better Productivity

Employing a time and attendance management system in our office in Singapore lets us establish better work schedules. We can copy these schedules depending on job needs, personnel availability, and eligibility. It frees our managers from mundane, manual scheduling tasks, allowing them to focus on individual tasks.

#3 Employee Satisfaction

Using an advanced automated time and attendance management system in our office in Singapore includes a self-service component. It allows employees to examine schedules, get reminders, and access shift trade boards. Our employees may access their time cards, time off requests, and PTO balances via web-based portals or mobile apps at their convenience.

#4 Compliant with Legalities

The system ensures the accuracy of our employee records. Using a reliable time and attendance management system in our firm in Singapore lets us keep accurate employee attendance records, including shift limits for needed skills or maximum hour constraints. Moreover, it makes reports available to verify compliance with labour standards and to aid in internal and external audits.

#5 Reduces Overall Costs

One of the most compelling features of the time and attendance system in our office in Singapore is it assists in cutting labour expenses. It lets our managers compare planned hours to actual time spent on tasks. This incentive also helped the attendance policy in our firm by minimising employee tardiness and absenteeism.

Hence, I suggest all offices look for a cloud-based enhanced staff scheduling system to help with your attendance. The solution would make managing the challenging issues of team scheduling more efficient and much more effortless. Look for a time and attendance management system or your firm in Singapore that would collect all timekeeping data into a single online account with a fully centralised data component. It will make viewing, updating, approving, and exporting whatever you need more efficient.

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