Dedicated Server Hosting: Most Reliable Option for Your Business

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Your website has started to expand beyond its hosting needs. You’ve had affordable web hosting, but now you need something more extra. You have looked into more generous servers and more bandwidth and looked at your options carefully. After considering your options, you have decided that a dedicated server is the most suitable choice to meet the needs of your business.

You do not need to worry about set up because you are skilled enough and if not, your IT staff can most definitely handle any problems that arise, and you’re glad that you chose on a dedicated server for the services it offers.

The biggest advantage is that you can control access and run your applications without worrying about strictures from the hosting company. You also have root access for all the basic scripts you need to run for your business. If you continue RAM intensive applications, a dedicated server hosting might be the best thing for your corporation to use. The additional benefit is that if a dedicated server needs repairs or upgrades, these can be done in-house, saving the cost of repairs. As long as you have a back up someplace, there should be no difficulties with excessive downtime for a server outage.

The dedicated web server also allows you to choose which operating system you want to run for your purposes, whether it is Linux, Windows, or some other operating system like Solaris. Depending on the bandwidth needs of your company, a dedicated server might be the most affordable web hosting choice. The bandwidth requirements will depend on whether you are hosting your dedicated server on-site or hosting it remotely. If the former, you can decide for yourself the best options, and if the latter, the company that is hosting the dedicated server will have varying bandwidths available as well as data transfer rates.

HostingRaja – Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

HostingRaja is a well-known company, and the basis for the popular open-source OpenOffice package, but HostingRaja has much longer been known for high-end computer systems. For a user looking for reliability, durability, and a dedicated staff that will help you solve your problems, you could not ask for a better-dedicated server than the ones offered by HostingRaja.

The dedicated servers maybe a little more expensive than the standard Intel workstations, but the fact that they crash less often and the hardware lasts longer more than makes them a viable option for affordable web hosting for people who need a dedicated server, either hosted on-site or off-site. The dedicated servers provided by HostingRaja are the way cheaper than other available hosting packages in India. If you are looking for a company that offers dedicated server services at a location other than your own, the folks at HostingRaja can help you out.

They can also handle your e-commerce and all of your other business needs. If a potential customer has any questions about their dedicated server services, the people at HostingRaja are friendly and always ready to help.

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