The Best Employee Monitoring Software for SMBs

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Large companies with numerous domestic and international offices may have their own unique type of software to monitor employee activities in real time. When it comes to small and medium businesses this may not be appropriate. In fact, there is always a cost factor associated with such software. Large companies have their big budgets to go for custom made packages that may contain numerous features for tracking a host of activities. Such software packages too are expensive for SMBs or Small and Medium Businesses.

In such cases SMBs are at an advantage as there is smaller employee monitoring software as an option for tracking their employees situated remotely. You find that these packages are not only economical, but they serve employers quite well as they contain generally required features.

Features of Tracking Software for SMBs

You will find numerous employees tracking software for SMBs and they all contain many important features. If your business is small then you may easily track your employee’s attendance, time spent on tasks as well as idling and recess time. You gain immediate information about number of logins and logouts done by your employee and user login name and computer name even though they are working remotely.

As an employer you get to know the type of URLs visited and websites browsed so that you know whether the same is waste of valuable time or good for overall business productivity. In several cases employees resort to watching social networks and unproductive talks and involve in misusing network for leaking data and other sensitive information. All these can be checked instantly in real time and you may take action against such employees.

Software Containing Check List

For SMBs it is better to choose a reliable software vendor that can offer the business a free trial. Again, it is an advantage if there are Check Lists within the software so that business manager may not have to waste time, but simply fill in objectives of company for their employees.

It may be in the form of statements like business goals, monitoring goals, features required of monitoring software, name of software vendor, creating monitoring policies and introducing employees to monitoring.

Employers and employees equally get to know what is being tracked, information being collected, usage of these information, security of both business and personal information. Such software installation is to be chosen from vendors that offer a free trial. In the long run both employer and employee benefit immensely.

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