What Does a Co-Managed IT Services Provider Do?

Obinna Osigwe | November 17, 2022 | 0 | Technology

There are several benefits to working with a co-managed and managed IT services provider. Internal IT departments can focus on their strengths and draw from the collective expertise of certified technicians, which can help them solve problems quickly. In addition, the co-managed IT services provider will take responsibility for any IT issues.


A co-managed IT services provider provides a variety of benefits for businesses. This type of service helps companies maintain their current IT staff while outsourcing the more difficult tasks. The existing staff already has a working knowledge of the network and its infrastructure. In addition, the co-managed service offers remote or off-site support. However, some businesses still need in-house IT support for day-to-day issues.

Consider your business’s unique requirements when choosing a co-managed IT services provider. While in-house staff can often handle desktop support, they may not have the training or experience to handle larger IT projects. Additionally, they may not be skilled in network security or general system administration. Assigning extra responsibilities to your internal IT staff could cause a significant amount of stress for your business. A co-managed IT services provider can also help fill in the skills gaps in your company. A company like Cyber Command can provide highly-trained support engineers who can handle your remote computers and keep your systems updated.


Co-managed IT is an excellent solution for businesses that need ongoing assistance with their technology needs. Typically, co-managed IT costs two-thirds less than full-service IT. This cost will vary depending on the needs of the company and the number of users. In addition to monthly charges, there may be an onboarding fee to help integrate the company with the support center.

Co-managed IT service providers are equipped with the latest software and hardware. They can also provide help desk support, 24/7 cyber security monitoring, and other services. By hiring IT service providers, companies can free up internal resources for core business activities, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Work involved

Co-management services allow companies to supplement their internal IT teams with the expertise of an outside provider. It can be a great way to free up your in-house IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Another benefit of co-management is that it is flexible, allowing you to adjust the work to fit your specific needs.

The benefits of a co-managed IT services relationship are numerous. It can help organizations improve efficiency, stay agile, and manage change.


When you use a co-managed IT services provider, you will gain access to a team of professionals with expertise in your industry. They can help you recover from an IT disaster faster than an in-house IT team. Moreover, they will be able to manage software and hardware patches, which are crucial for preventing security backdoors and increasing system uptime.

Another important consideration is the reliability of the co-managed IT services provider. The service provider should be reliable enough to care for your IT system without compromising your in-house IT resources. They should be able to operate as an extension of your own staff.

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