What is Employee Monitoring Software?

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Employee Monitoring Software is a special service for tracking employee during their working hours on the computer. This is also a great way to analyze and report the collected information. Installed on the computers of the employee this will be able to collect data at specific intervals and sending it to a server for analyzing. It works in a special mode with a server to monitor all the employee computers via internet, recording and tracking that PC activity. This software gathers information like instant messaging conversations and visited websites too. This is a great opportunity to see what your employees are doing on their computers while at work. You can also choose to block certain games, websites, USB drives and external drives if you choose to. All of that data is going to be safely stored in the server database, since this software will generate top notch professional management reports regarding your employee’s usage of their work computers. For the past year, the pandemic period, business have changed a lot, remote and part-time work becoming something usual. This circumstances lead to a real need of brand new monitoring and evaluation systems of all employee computers. 

Features of Delaeye

Delaeye has become one of the top employee monitoring software available on the marketplace. It has a unique feature that will help one keep an eye on every aspect of the productivity of your own business. This software implements a specific range of truly configurable options for control and proper monitoring. It comes with a really simple system, allowing every manager to obtain the information they need regarding the employee productivity or certain informational loss. Delaeye also permits convenient task management to track the work hours of the teams, tracking the required time for project management in the scheduled time. A good productivity evaluation is also possible with Delaeye, bringing out a true understanding of actual allocation of employee time used for specific tasks. You will additionally get location tracking, a hidden mode, and special alerts, everything needed for a convenient monitoring. If you decided that you want to try a software to increase your business success, you will find a great deal of solutions suitable for your needs. Our recommendation is to purchase software that will contain multiple tools and cover various cases in terms of remote work and more. Keep track of each employee’s work with DeltaEye and you will never regret.

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